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Hello & Welcome, my name is

Eva Dalgety

Your Ecom Genie!

I’m the owner of www.evadalgety.com. I specialise in helping small businesses and entrepreneurs unlock online profits in their business.

My Journey

Podcast Interview

With 10 years plus experience as a corporate IT analyst and linking advance online marketing skills, I now help my clients to increase their business profits. For example, in the last 5 years alone I have increased the sales and profits for family’s tea business by over 317% online just by utilising these strategies. I have also helped other clients do the same.

My consulting clients range from ecommerce businesses, manufacturing businesses, professional services and charities. Currently many small businesses are losing enquires and sales because of ineffective processes. Using my proven 3-step process, I help their business to implement processes to win more clients/customers, generate more sales and increase their profits.

If you know a business or an individual who could benefit from my help, enter your name and email address on this page to get my free report ”The 5 Deadly Mistakes That Are Costing Your Business Thousands In Lost Sales Right Now And How To Avoid Them – Guaranteed!” and learn quick easy ways to improve your bottom line.

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