Know When to Use Your Blog for Marketing

So, we’ve established that the primary purpose of your blog is to build trust, strengthen your brand and generate 100% organic links to your site that you don’t even need to ask for.  Are there any times when you can use blatant marketing?

The answer is ‘yes.’  In each blog post, it’s fine to include 1 or 2 links to product or service pages on your website with a short description of them. This often happens naturally as you’re writing, alternatively, you can mention it at the end of a blog post and no one will hold it against you. Typically for most of your posts, this is the only time you’ll need to mention your product.

There are three types of blog post that lend themselves more to marketing:

  1. Product releases – If you’ve launched a new product, then it’s fine to tell your readers’ about it!
  2. Events – If you’ve hosted an event, or been to an event (or perhaps are going to the event), give readers a news update about it.
  3. Other updates – If you have a large, already established brand, or a reasonably sized fan base (I’ll let you decide how many people this needs to be, but certainly more than your mother and your best friend), then they’re likely to be more interested in what you’re doing, therefore it would be natural to include more details of what’s happening within your company, pending product launches, new hires, etc.

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